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500                              MFE   OF
As Humboldt intended soon, to leave Germany for a
journey to Italy, lie made a short trip into the north
of Germany in the course of this summer (179 6), and
visited Voss in Entin, and Klopstock in Hamburg, who
were Tooth much pleased and flattered by his visit. On
his return from this trip he went once more to Jena, in
November., 1796, and remained there till the follow-
ing April. The time was spent as before, in almost
constant intercourse with Schiller, in literary activity
on both sides, with frequent visits from Goethe., who
came to read his unfinished production to his critical
friends, and receive their judgment and praise.
In November, Humboldt received the account of
Ms mother's death, which afflicted Mm much, though
it was not unexpected ; and at the beginning of the
year? Alexander came to visit Mm and spend some
time with Ms family, wMch had been increased
by a little boy, who received the name of Theodor,
Alexander was fall of plans for his great West
Indian journey, and with this object in view he
cultivated his knowledge of practical anatomy, spend-
ing from six to seven hours daily in the anatomical
lecture room.
William, during tMs winter, commenced his trans-
lation of the " Agameinnonj;> of Eschylus, and after
he had submitted it to his friends and received their
judgments, he writes to F. A. Wolf, with unaffected
modesty :" Having shown my translation to some
here51 find myself in a very peculiar position. Schiller
is not quite pleased with it. He does not denv that